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What I learned about today and Why Baby Shark is a jerk.

What I learned about today and Why Baby Shark is a jerk.

Everything was annoying me today. It all started when my son, Gabriel, woke me up in the middle of the night crying because he had a horrible ear ache. Like a good mother, I got up with him and gave him some ibuprofen, snuggled him and sent him back to bed. 2 hours later he is crying at my bed again with this cry that sounds so sad-and also so...incredibly....annoying..... ! Does this make me a horrible person?

Instead of wanting to help my kid, it’s 4 am and I want to punch him in the face until he stops crying. So I punched him... just kidding! Of course I didn’t punch him, I’m his mother and that’s illegal! I snuggled him more and held him for 4 hours until the walk in opened.

Now, I am a mother of four, I have been down this road before-this kid has an ear infection. But for some stupid reason he needs to be seen at a doctor to get medication to help him (obviously I know it is for a reason…however, when your child is crying you just want the meds!). So, 6 hours later the pharmacy finally fills his antibiotic after a drawn out trip to the walk in clinic where they treat you like a monster for bringing your child.

Small rant about the walk in clinic for a moment. Listen people, I bring my children to a pediatrician that is sort of far away because one of my really good friends works there. I do not need to bring him to his actual pediatrician every single time the kids sneezes! Also, the emergency room is a bit extreme for an ear infection. So I am at the walk in clinic which happens to be next to a Dunkin Donuts which would be amazing however they decided not to have peppermint mocha coffee this year…. WTH DUNKIN?! Anyways, the walk in clinic doctors always ask you the dumbest questions like you are some crazy child abuser. Like yes, there are people in the world who are insane and I understand they are looking out for the child. But, this is not me and I just need some amoxicillin!!!!!!!

Anyways, now we are back at the house... he is whimpering but he is okay.

Well, a few minutes later my kid starts feeling better - now I’m sitting at the table trying to eat lunch and being asked, “what is your favorite pizza topping?”, “what is your favorite Christmas song?”, “what is your favorite holiday?”, “what is your favorite beach to go to?”, “what my favorite sport?” in a rapid fire method that does not allow for answers.

I finish up lunch and I decide to start working on some Media stuff for my church because I’m such an “awesome Christian”. Meanwhile my son who is now feeling wonderful is watching Baby Shark Christmas over and over and over and over again.

Normally I would tell him that he couldn’t watch anymore but he doesn’t feel good today and what kind of monster would tell their child who doesn’t feel good that they couldn’t watch baby shark?!?

Well, we sat there and watched Baby Shark Christmas until my ears started bleeding and by then it was time to pick up all the other children. Needless to say I got nothing accomplished all day long. So I go to pick up my son Michael, Gabriel‘s twin, and he throws himself into my arms claiming that he was lost all day without his twin. He said that he informed the entire school that Gabriel was absent and forced them to write letters to him. I explained to him that it was only six hours and I think that he would survive to which she responded, “no, I almost didn’t make it”.

Finally, I am off to pick up the younger two children from daycare...  my son Benjamin proceeds to run into the bathroom, slip and fall and bust his lip on the toilet seat of a preschool classroom.

Now I don’t know if any of you have seen with the toilet looks like in a preschool classroom but I’m concerned that he contracted a rare disease or tape worm. After waiting for about 15 minutes for the teacher to find an ice pack, his lip stopped bleeding so we left and we picked up Skylar.  I walk into her classroom and they are listening to none other than baby shark. I grabbed her and ran out before I started crying.

We all get home the kids go inside for some reason I’m carrying everyone’s backpack, everyone’s coat and a ball that we had to pick up from our old house. The ball is covered in dirt so my kids are insisting that we give it a bath in the bathtub. Make my way upstairs everyone is complaining that they’re hungry.

As I’m trying to make dinner my son Gabriel decides that he wants to show everyone the new baby shark. I’m sitting here completely exhausted with a pounding headache and I receive a phone call from a person that I am not interested in talking to. I’m sure that all of you have people like that. Where you seem to never be free enough to talk to them…ever!

My phone rings again it was my brother. I answer and explain how my day went when he tells me this would be great content for my blog. So upon his request I am writing this while I’m laying on the floor in my kids room trying to rest for a minute while I finish dinner and everyone is watching baby shark in the other room.  

As I sit here contemplating the entire day I just realize that I am truly blessed and I know that that sounds so stupid but it’s true!!! I have kids that love me and they love each other. I have good family and friends who want to talk to me. They care about my endeavors and I have good food to feed my children!

And of course….we have  Internet and they could watch baby shark all day if they wanted. The truth is I could decide to keep barking at my kids all night until they go to sleep or I can choose to sit with them and snuggle them and just think God for giving me wonderful kids whom I love so much. Now, hopefully I don’t lose my ship when they don’t eat their dinner. 😂

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How it all began...AKA Part one... AKA too much to write in just one post...AKA just give me a second!!!...AKA Stayed Tuned.

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